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Note: Cross-posted to the Hashrocket blog

Mission Scotland on Rails

2009 Jan 14 – Jacksonville Beach, FL

Scotland On Rails

March 26 – 28

Edinburgh, Scotland

Paul, Graeme Mathieson, and Alan Francis, the folks behind Scotland on Rails have accepted my proposal to present on the topic of Geospatial searching with Thinking Sphinx. As is the standard for regional conferences the organizers have only been able to cover travel expenses for the keynote speakers. Hashrocket has stepped up and agreed to cover my expenses, another perk for working for the Happiest Little Rails Shop in Florida.

My thanks to the guys for putting together a terrific group of international rubyists. The keynote speakers are Marcel Molina Jr and Michael Feathers. Sessions are also being led by Dave Thomas, Yehuda Katz, Jim Weirich, and Scott Chacon. I am joined by some good friends as well in Steven Bristol of LessEverything, Kevin Barnes of OGC Consulting, and Pat Maddox.

Chad Fowler and Marcel Molina are hosting a charity tutorial session the day preceding the conference.

EngineYard has assumed the role of platinum sponsor. These companies are also elc technologies, Rubaidh, Mere Complexities, Xeriom Networks. Sponsorship opportunities for the conference are still available.

I'm Speaking at Conferencia Rails 2011
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