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Real Estate Tops This Weekends Stories

2009 Jan 16 – Jacksonville Beach, FL

The walls are painted, the has been carpet laid, a small number of construction details remain unfinished. The move to the fancy new Hashrocket digs is now history. We’ve left our Atlantic Beach offices, the birthplace of Hashrocket and, home to many fond memories. As I write this I am seated at one of eight pair programming stations that are finally able to be fully utilized. To my left is a view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We will be hacking tomorrow through a company holiday tomorrow on a National Day of Service. Stop in if you like we’d enjoy help from anyone interested in chipping in on what is likely to be a few small efforts.

Personally, Jen and I looked at another round of houses and cemented the decision to put an offer on a house we had seen well over a month ago. At the time it was slightly out of budget but, with interest rates falling again we looked closer. Our new realtor Mike Starzacher did some research that led him to the conclusion that we could offer significantly less than the asking price and still likely get an accepted offer. We’ll know more on Tuesday around noon as to whether the offer has been accepted.

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