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Finally, A Working Printer

2009 Aug 03 – Jacksonville Beach, FL

Since we moved to Jacksonville Beach from Madison, WI my home IT infrastructure has been a house of cards. One that Comcast and others had routinely toppled (Comcast is awful, etc). In mid-July we closed on the deal on the house we had been renting for a year. Now that we own the place I’ve been looking around at what we’ve got and realized I had not really settled from the move. The first improvement is not related to the house but, we got U-Verse from AT&T and sorted out internet access issues that have plagued us.

We have had a laser printer which we were very happy with for some time. It is a Samsung ML-1210 black and white laser printer whose only real problem had been it’s age and lack of support for Mac. This wasn’t too much of a problem as we had a workaround piping documents through a Dell Windows box I had laying around. After the last bit of Microsoft hardware, outside of the XBox360, had recently coughed up a hard-drive I decided to dig around for a more direct solution.

As it turns out, Samsung offers drivers back to OS 8 but only as far forward as 10.3. Long story short, after a Stuffit Expander download and extraction of the Mac OS 10.3 drivers available from the global download site. Still no support for network printing but, it’s an improvement.

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